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Root Canal in La Mirada

When the soft inner pulp of a tooth becomes compromised, it is safe to say you will need a root canal. Whether because of decay creeping into the tooth or because of damage from an injury, the inner tooth can become damaged or infected. When this happens, a root canal in La Mirada can save the tooth and relieve your painful symptoms. If you are in pain or see visible damage on your tooth, don’t hesitate to give La Mirada One Dental a call today.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

  • Pain: Sharp and severe pain in or around a tooth are a common sign you need treatment. This can also radiate out from the tooth or appear as a general headache.
  • Gum Changes: If there are bumps, discoloration, bleeding, or swelling in your gums, it might be root canal time.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: If you find yourself suddenly more sensitive to food and beverage temperatures, either hot or cold, you may be in need of treatment.
  • Discolored Tooth: If your tooth is starting to darken or turn gray, give us a call to save that tooth!
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Fast Treatment Can Save Your Tooth

We know it can be tempting to put off getting a root canal, but the truth is that it can actually stop the pain! And just as importantly, a professional root canal can save your tooth, preventing the need for extraction or the tooth just falling out.

What Is the Procedure Like?

With modern equipment, the latest methods, and a team of professionals on your side, root canals are now a comfortable, routine treatment. We numb the area to avoid any pain, and then clean out the damaged part of the tooth with precise and careful techniques. Once it is cleaned out, we seal off the tooth to keep out any new and nasty bacteria.
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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Many patients put off getting a root canal because of the reputation it has. However, modern root canals are not like the root canals your great-grandparents had to deal with. Nowadays, this procedure is simply a routine procedure that RELIEVES pain rather than causing it.
If you are not convinced yet, below we have put together some of the main benefits of a modern root canal treatment at La Mirada One.
  • Fast and comfortable treatment
  • Provides fast symptom relief
  • Prevents a tooth from dying
  • Prevents the need to pull a tooth
  • Stops decay in its tracks
  • Clears out infected tissue, preserving oral health
  • And more!
We understand that this procedure can still seem intimidating. So we recommend you give us a call and we can provide complete information about it. The more you know, the less frightening it will be and you can get vital tooth-saving treatment.

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When your tooth is in danger, La Mirada One Dental is here to provide compassionate, quality care to keep your dental health intact. Call us or use our online form to set up your appointment for a root canal in La Mirada today. We look forward to doing our part in keeping your teeth safe from infection and decay (and keeping them in your mouth where they belong)!
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