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Dental Exam & Cleaning in La Mirada

Brushing and flossing are key habits for fighting against tooth decay and gum disease. Diet also plays a major role in oral health. But the third pillar of oral health that many people might put off is their routine dental visit. Having a dental exam and cleaning in La Mirada at least twice a year is a crucial factor in having lifelong dental health.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

Like we said, brushing and flossing go a long way, but they have limits. Plaque and tartar can continue to build up, even if you clean your teeth multiple times a day. As professional dentists, we have specialized tools to comfortably and effectively remove any buildup, ensuring your teeth stay in the best possible shape. Typically, we also polish and provide a fluoride treatment to give your teeth an even bigger advantage in the months between visits.
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The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

If you have a healthy at-home dental hygiene routine, then you are to be commended. Still, it is important to remember that countless factors can influence our oral health, and even healthy habits such as brushing and flossing are not always enough.
Since diet, age, and genetics can all influence your teeth, tooth decay can start even with patients practicing the best health habits. That is why regular dental exams are so important. They allow your dentist to spot any concerns before they become problems. A regular exam allows you to:
  • Get lighter treatment now instead of more involved procedures when problems arise
  • Receive tips and advice tailored to your unique oral health situation
  • Spend less overall time at the dentist by avoiding longer procedures in the future
  • Receive more personalized and tailored care as your dentist tracks your unique health situation

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Routine dental visits and exams are one of the core tenets of keeping your smile healthy throughout your life. Call us or use our online form to set up your appointment for a dental exam and cleaning in La Mirada today. We look forward to doing our part in keeping your smile protected against decay and disease.
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