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How Often Should You Visit a General Dentist

Your oral health is often referred to as a window into your overall health. Due to the connection between your oral health and overall health, it’s important to be proactive about your dental care. This is why it is important to regularly visit the dentist. You may wonder, how often should you visit a general dentist? Below you will find helpful information on when, how often, and what to expect from your general dentist.

How Often Should You Visit a General Dentist

Despite the staggering research showing the importance of oral health, more than 100 million Americans avoid going to the dentist every year. It is recommended that children and adults visit the dentist every six months. This is the general recommendation for the average adult. However, there are special circumstances that may deviate from this frequency.

Six months in between visits is enough time to restore your teeth and gums if they aren’t in good shape. Regular dental visits can reduce your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and other harmful dental issues. Children and elderly people should never let more than six months pass in between dental visits due to the harmful effects oral health issues can have on their overall health.

Special Considerations

While it is recommended that the average person visit the dentist every six months, there are some exceptions to the rule. These are rare so talk with your dentist directly about when and how often you should visit the dentist. If any of the following apply to you, you’ll likely need to visit the dentist more often than every six months.

Elderly Patients With Dry Mouth:

Older patients who suffer from dry mouth will likely need to visit the dentist around every three months. This is because patients with dry mouth are at a higher risk for cavities. Preventative care and regular cleanings can help reduce this risk in patients who suffer from dry mouth.

Children Developing Permanent Teeth:

When children are developing their permanent teeth, they need to visit the dentist more often. This is because dentists like to monitor the progression and growth of their permanent teeth. The appointments won’t necessarily always be a cleaning, but they will include an examination of your child’s oral health.

Adolescents Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment:

Whether it’s traditional braces or Invisalign, adolescents undergoing orthodontic treatment will need to visit the dentist more often. These more frequent appointments may not always be cleanings, but regular checkups are necessary for a variety of reasons. Teeth are more prone to decay during orthodontic treatment so it’s important to catch any issues before they cause issues.

History of Gum Disease or Tooth Decay:

Patients who are prone to tooth decay or have a history of gum disease need to visit the dentist more often. Regular checkups can help keep harmful dental issues at bay. Your dentist will likely recommend checkups every three months to ensure your oral health stays in good shape.

Talk With Your Dentist

Everyone’s oral health is different so it’s important to talk with your dentist about your unique dental needs. Because they are familiar with your current oral health and dental history, they can provide you with helpful information about how to maintain your oral health. This includes when and how often you should visit the dentist, in addition to your daily oral care routine.

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