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Helping Kids Feel Safe at the Dentist

Research shows that your oral health and overall health are clearly linked. Children who have good dental habits when they are younger are shown to have better oral health outcomes as adults. Setting your child up for success when it comes to their health is a major benefit for their short- and long-term health. Helping kids feel safe at the dentist is a great first step in helping them on their oral health journey. Below you will find some helpful tips for your child’s first dental visit.

Helping Kids Feel Safe at the Dentist

If you are concerned about your child’s first dental visit, you are not alone. Consider the following tips before your child’s dental visit.

Start the Conversation:

Talking to your child about what they will experience at the dentist is helpful. This will help them understand that they have nothing to fear as the dentist is someone who will help them stay healthy. You can talk to them about their oral health, including brushing, flossing, rinsing, and even the importance of regular dental visits. Focus on the positive and help them feel like they are involved in the process. This can build their confidence and help them establish a healthy relationship with the dentist.

Avoid Projecting:

Research shows that the things you worry about as a parent negatively impact children. Avoid any negative discussions about the dentist and keep it positive. If you are fearful of the dentist as a parent, avoid passing that on to your child. Sort out your own fears in advance or have the other parent take your child to the dentist to ensure they feel excited about the experience.

Model Healthy Behaviors:

Children learn by modeling, especially at a young age. Be sure and show them the importance of oral health by regularly flossing, brushing, and rinsing after you eat. Talk to them as you are doing it so they know what to do and the benefits of a healthy oral care routine. This is a great time to introduce dental checkups so they are aware that visiting the dentist is also a healthy part of their oral health.

Stay Consistent:

It is recommended that children and adults visit the dentist at least every six months for a checkup. Regularly going to the dentist can ensure that your child feels familiar at the dentist office. This can help you avoid any fears they may have as it becomes more of a habit to go to their appointments.

Family Dentist:

Finding a family dentist can be a huge benefit when it comes to getting your child excited about the dentist. They often have a child-friendly environment that feels safe. Family dentists also understand the complexity of children and their unique behaviors at the dentist. Opt for family dentistry in La Mirada to ensure your child feels safe and excited about their next appointment.

Dentist in La Mirada

If you need to schedule a dental appointment for your child, now is the time! It is recommended that children visit the dentist after their first tooth erupts or by the time they turn 1, whichever is first. The earlier the better as this can help you assist your child in establishing a healthy relationship with the dentist.

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