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Common Oral Health Problems for Kids

Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can be both exciting and scary. You need to know that you are visiting an experienced, well-rounded pediatric dentist, and your child needs to know that this is a place where they can feel safe. Once you have made an appointment with your trusted La Mirada dental experts, you can start to prepare your loved one for their visit. Below, we cover some common oral health problems for kids.

Common Oral Health Problems for Kids

A good place to begin is to equip yourself with knowledge about the most common oral health problems for kids and the best available treatment options that ensure comfort and long-term oral health.

Health Concerns in Young Children

Did you know that kids can start dealing with urgent oral healthcare matters before their first teeth erupt? Dental health encompasses so much more than just the teeth, though routine brushing and flossing are essential to good overall health. Your child may also have issues with gums, lips, tongue, and more. As soon as you can, make sure to schedule a checkup for your young one. They could be too young to properly communicate when they are uncomfortable or in pain. Here are a few oral health issues that your child might deal with throughout their early childhood:


Some children suck on their thumbs, which could cause oral health issues with teeth that are still growing. This creates an environment for toothaches and pains, making your child cry whenever they eat or suck their thumb. Keep an eye on your child’s oral behaviors to set them up for a future of great oral health.


Kids of all ages are susceptible to cavities, which can form as bacteria and plaque build up on the teeth. Eating a lot of candy and junk food can cause a tooth infection to spread quickly. If you do not encourage your child to brush and floss their teeth every day, their cavities can grow even deeper.

In order to treat the infection that comes from the buildup of harmful bacteria, the dentist will fill the cavity with a composite filling material. This treatment is meant to last for several years while preventing bacteria from returning.


While gingivitis and gum disease are more prominent in older kids and adults, people of all ages are at risk for this painful condition. Gingivitis makes the gums feel sore and irritated, and there may be a little bit of blood in the sink while brushing. If your child is old enough to communicate that their gums are hurting, you should take them to the dentist right away. Gingivitis can progress into gum disease if left untreated, which contributes to poor oral health.

Scheduling Regular Cleanings for Your Child

One of the best ways to prevent toothaches and other oral health problems is to schedule bi-annual checkups and cleanings. A pediatric dentist can thoroughly examine your child’s mouth, teaching them about the benefits of staying healthy and brushing their teeth every day. Your little loved one can also receive a professional deep cleaning, which will add extra layers of protection to their teeth so they can be set up for a future of dental success.

Get Care and Education for the Whole Family

At the office of our professional family dentistry office, we take a family-friendly approach to teaching kids about the long-lasting benefits of taking care of their teeth. Plus, they get to choose their favorite flavor of toothpaste that the dentist will use to polish and clean their teeth. If you are looking to learn more about our excellent family benefits, get in touch with us today and prevent some of the most common oral health problems in kids and adults alike!